Blac Chyna stopped by The Breakfast Club and got real about her relationship with the Kardashians, that violent fight with her hairdresser, and why she lied about getting admitted to Harvard.

Back in April, Chyna got dragged on social media after Harvard debunked her claim that she got admitted to their business school. According to the 31-year-old reality star, she didn’t lie about her acceptance. She says she's still working on the application process and hopes to be accepted in the future. She said the reason she initially started stripping when she was 18 was to earn money to go to school.

Just a few days ago, another scandal popped for Chyna popped up in the news. She was allegedly caught on camera threatening her hairdresser with a knife. Her six year old son King was present for the ordeal, as well. When asked about the incident, Chyna says she can't talk about it due to legal proceedings. The hairdresser filed a police report over the weekend. Despite the altercation, Chyna insists she doesn't have anger problems and has never regretted hitting somebody.

Blac Chyna also refuses to publicly speak ill of Kylie Jenner (who dated her ex-boyfriend Tyga) because she's "Dream's auntie." She also opened up about her relationship with Kylie's older brother Rob Kardashian, saying she did love him while they were together. She said they broke up because "things just didn't work out."

For more watch Blac Chyna's full interview with The Breakfast Club:

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