Lizzo dropped by The Breakfast Club and preached about how she keeps it so confident while living in the public eye. She revealed her surprising secret to self-love, as well, which is actually putting a little bit of Hennessy in her coffee in the morning. (JK JK...kind of). Lizzo did open up about how the darker times in her life taught her perseverance, especially in her career, as well as how to really love herself no matter what.

While Lizzo's career has really popped off this past year, she's not an overnight success. The 31-year-old flautist/singer has been hustling to make her dreams come true for years. It was hard at first, she admits, to be front and center in the spotlight. She said she had to trust God that this is where she was supposed to be.

Lizzo got into her time growing up in Houston, saying she was teased a lot back then. Ultimately, though, it was just part of the "long process" in learning to love herself. When asked if she had insecurities growing up, Lizzo said everybody does and that it's impossible not to with how the media portrays and comments on people's appearances.

Another topic Lizzo wasn't afraid to get into was her experiences dealing with f**k boys. Her new album Cuz I Love You was largely inspired by her own breakup with a f**k boy. She calls her album "more of a self empowering album" than anything else. "When you’re breaking up, you wonder how to get back on top so you can say i’m 100% that b***h," she explained. Now her type is "bad b***es" only.

There's no denying Lizzo's music career is going places, but you may be surprised to learn she's getting into the acting game, as well. She's been tapped to make a cameo in the upcoming film Hustlers, which stars other music industry heavy weights like Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B. She didn't give too much away about her role in the highly anticipated stripper/heist film, though she did reveal she'll be pole dancing in the movie. Lizzo says she's "surprisingly naturally talented" at the art of pole dancing.

For more from Lizzo, watch her full interview with The Breakfast Club below:

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