Obviously the outpouring of sorrow on the closing of Grandma's Pies in Colonie impacted many. Including the new owner in a huge way.

Weeks ago, literally just two. I wrote an article here about the closure of a Capital Region food staple, Grandma's Pies. I had said in that article that I was upset because I never was able to actually try their pie or have any of their grub. Luckily, a new owner has arose. That new owner also owns La Fiesta, a massively popular Mexican Restaurant on Central Ave.

His name is Alex Morales, you may want to thank him. Here is why, he doesn't want to change a single thing. He wants to carry on the legacy of this establishment it seems. Even when it comes to staff. He plans to have the staff be the same as before and isn't touching the recipes at all. It should be as if they restaurant never went out of business.

As of this moment, August 1st is the date that Morales is planning to open the doors back up.

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