Every time I bring Ryan to the Little League fields, we pass this huge building that is run down and dilapidated. We always talk about how they should knock it down and rebuild something there. Well now, that is just what is planned. According to the bizjournal.com, the Tobin First Prize Center building in South Colonie has been sold to a developer. After being vacant for over thirty years, a developer has purchased the property for $4 million dollars. They want to tear down the buildings and put up two million square feet of housing, retail stores and restaurants. There will also be outdoor entertainment venues and upper floor apartments.

The buildings will be knocked down later this year in order for the property to be leveled and cleared.

When that project is complete, it will revitalize the entire area off of Exit 5 (Everett Road). It will also give us a nice place to stop before and after Ryan's Little League games.

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