Fresh off the release of his excellent joint EP with the now-incarcerated 03 Greedo, Nef The Pharoah is back and talking criminal justice on "Going to Trial," a new song with Los Angeles upstart RedAngel.

The track finds the Vallejo, Calif. rapper namedropping Stephon Clark, who was fatally shot by Sacramento police in March, and cursing the notion of accepting a plea deal within a system designed to incarcerate him.

"I get nervous every time I see them red-blue lights, nigga/Fuck takin' that plea deal, I'd rather do life, nigga/I know it sound ignorant, I'ma die by my respect/I will stay with that soul snatcher, bust a brain, buy my paycheck," he raps.

RedAngel follows with bars mocking fake-lenient district attorneys and ignorant cops. Along the way, he shouts out James Harden and investigative sports journalism.

"D.A. talking 'bout a 90-day stretch, I'm like nah/This ain't Outside The Lines and I'm done playin' baseball/Hands up, don't shoot, please nah, I ain't tryna die today/Yeah officer, you smell weed because there's a blunt in the ashtray," the Los Angeleno spits.

The song serves as a proper introduction to RedAngel, whose only other song online appears to be the Skeme-featuring "Paybakk," released in June. Nef and Greedo's five-track tape Porter2Grape hit streaming services on July 12.

Listen to RedAngel and Nef The Pharoah's "Going to Trial" below, where you'll also find the cover art.


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