After 105 years, one of the great local mainstay restaurants in the Capital Region is making a monumental change.  If you've ever eaten at Manory's in Troy, you've undoubtedly had some of the best breakfast and milkshakes known to man.  Their latest change has many of us here in the area as excited as when you see your server bring pancakes to the table.

Manory's in Troy will be open late! Their new hours have been expanded according to the Times Union and their menu will add some new things as well.  Manory's will now expand their seating starting on Wednesday -from just breakfast and lunch - to 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

According to their Facebook:

"At age 105 we figured it was time to stay up later! MANORYS IS OPENING AT NIGHT. Yes, you heard that right Troy, NY. Your oldest restaurant is going to be open at night! Lounge in a booth, get some pancakes, chicken wings, milkshakes or whatever else you like"



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