First, it was Marvel's The Punisher season two coming to Albany but now there's a rumor floating around about another very popular television show coming to the area and this time there's evidence!

Last week, we were breaking the news about Marvel's The Punisher filming in Albany when someone called in about another show coming to film in the area, to Lake George. Apparently, people they're familiar with mentioning having to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the cast of "Jersey Shore" coming to the area (specifically Neptune's and DJ's).

So, I wanted answers and went to the internet with questions, pretty much just the Albany Reddit. While most didn't seem very excited about it and was hoping the rumor wasn't true, no one had any real answers. Yes, this rumor swirls around here every so often because of the local ties two of the stars, Snooki and J-Woww, have to the area but if there are actual non-disclosures out there, then this could be the real deal this time!

I heard they announced they'd be in Las Vegas for season two but Snooki was just hear a little bit ago, so who's to say an episode visiting Snooki's favorite at-home spots couldn't be an episode? If this rumor is true this time, then good for the people who are following their non-disclosures. Something tells me, though, the minute they arrive, we'll know about it sooner rather than later.

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