You may recall some while back reading about some signs all over the thruways of New York being illegal. Indeed they are and indeed they have yet to be removed.

The particular signs in question are the tourism "I Love New York" signs. I don't see the big deal. These signs are letting you know numerous pieces of interesting information. Especially so if you are in fact a tourist. For New Yorkers, they almost show a sense of pride. This fact doesn't seem to make a difference to the lawmakers who are urging the governor to remove the signs.

Funding sent towards the highway systems within the state is being withheld until the signs are removed. On top of that, an added $14 million will be lost if by September 30th the issue isn't resolved. So now, these signs could potentially be causing valuable money to be lost.

Even though I don't see the issue,  remove the damn signs. We don't want to lose that funding.

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