With Mother's day right around the corner, Laurence Fishburne needs to call his mother ASAP. Apparently Ms Fishburne who is 80 years old hasn't been able to pay her rent and can't reach her son for help.

Hattie Crawford Fishburne, 80, told me that, unable to pay the rent for several months, she’s received written notice informing her she’ll be evicted from her Los Angeles apartment Tuesday.

And she said she can’t reach her wealthy son, with whom she last spoke more than a year ago when his father died.

“He’s gone Hollywood!” Hattie Fishburne told me.

The man sometimes called “Fish” is estimated by the website Celebrity Net Worth to possess a personal fortune of $20 million. I think at the least he could help to make sure his mom isn't homeless. First his daughter now his mom are bad mouthing Laurence. I hope this all works out for him.