Lady Gaga sure has an eye for unusual, uh, “fabrics.” Her outrageous attire doesn’t stop at meat dresses. The Mother Monster showed up in Hong Kong this weekend for her Born This Way Ball tour wearing a frock constructed entirely of purple hair. It looked good enough to pet.

The lavender dress was paired with white platform boots and long white gloves, while Gaga’s long, platinum blonde hair was woven into the dress. The back was low cut and could be construed as sexy, if you can get past the fact that the dress looked like Chewbacca from ‘Star Wars’ if he was dipped in a can of purple paint. She accessorized the Wooikee-like sheath with white glasses and white hat.

Judging from the photos, the dress, which had a halter front, looked like it flowed and had some swing. It’s not like Gaga can walk in a purple hair cocoon when wearing platforms that make her a foot taller. It’s not clear if the dress was made out of human or synthetic follicles.

Only Gaga can get away with wearing a dress of hair. Justin Bieber may love the color purple, and so does Prince, but neither stylish pop star (from different generations) would go as far as wearing this concoction.

What’s next, a dress made out of packets of little monsters’ blood? A skirt made out of live snakes? We wouldn’t put it past the fashion icon.


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