Kendrick Lamar sits down with Bullett for a revealing new interview, touching upon his childhood and how he's handling success.

K. Dot explains that as a quiet child, he grew up with a lot of talkative and drunk adults, which helped build his versatile vocabulary. “Being around older people helped me develop my vocabulary,” he says. “They got drunk a lot and they partied a lot, but they had great conversations. I always hung around older people because I understood more about the world than most kids my age. I picked up on things and practiced them in my conversations, in my writing. Fortunately, it grew into an art.”

The 'Swimming Pools' rapper also opens up about his admiration for Jay-Z. "I salute people like Jay-Z,” he admits. “How many tours has he been on? How many verses has he put down? How many interviews? How many radio shows? People forget that. They can’t fathom how a dude from the Marcy Projects is sitting next to Barack Obama, so they make up all types of crazy s--- and forget the facts: This n---- dedicated every single day of his life to this, and what he has wasn’t just given to him. It’s no mistake he’s at where he’s at.”

Despite his success, the young Compton emcee is not attracted by the usual trappings of hip-hop fame. One of his friends recounts how he didn't even want his gold plaque for his album. “The label offered to ship him a plaque but Kendrick said, ‘I don’t wanna see no f---ing gold plaque. Ship that s--- to me when it’s platinum.’”

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