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This is what I love most about Kendrick Lamar, while others focus on things that don't really matter like who is ghostwriting who songs Mr. Be Alright is music is making a difference for students pursuing higher education.  His song “Alright” has become a protest anthem and the inspiration for a new college scholarship


The Hip Hop outlet based out of Philadelphia OogeeWoogee has established the “Be Alright” scholarship for a High Tech High School student. A teacher name Brian T. Mooneys at North Bergen, New Jersey school blogged about including To Pimp A Butterfly in his lessons and after it went viral Kendrick Lamar made a visit to the school.


The director Wilkine Brutus of the school mentioned how they always wanted to create a Hip Hop inspired scholarship and after Kendrick Lamar made the visit to the school gave them the concrete idea on what they wanted to do. The scholarship consist of one High Tech graduate receiving$1,500 for college tuition and books.



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