What kind of Father’s Day gift do you buy a first-time dad who has a reported $40 million Learjet? A gold-encrusted cranium, of course. Apparently, Kanye West bought a $34,000 golden skull as a gift for doting father Jay-Z. WTF?

According to The Insider, Yeezy reportedly purchased a Lions & Sons’ Divora Skull in Yellow Gold with Red Topaz stones (pictured, left). Looking at the photos, it’s a beautiful statue.

The entire cranium is painted in 24 carat yellow gold with 1,680 star-cut red topaz gemstones on top. There’s also a trademark lion motif engraved on the statue as well. Oh, and there’s a five-year warranty if the golden skull meets an unfortunate accident. We concur with The Insider when they asked, “How do you baby-proof this thing?”

Luxury brand Lions and Sons makes a variety of exquisite skulls (18 in all) including some economical ones in Rose Gold for $15,000.

West made sure his extravagant gift arrived safely to Hov. The Throne rapper had the statue flown on a private jet and hired a courier to hand delivered the golden skull to Jay.

We are quite sure that West’s gift blew Jay-Z’s mind. Ha! Get it?

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