Kanye and Kim will be tying the knot this summer in Paris. And it aint no surprise that Kanye may have asked Jigga to be his best man....Did Jay say "yay"or "nay?"

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According to a Perez Hilton source, Jay-Z said NO! Do you have 1 guess why??

We all know how those money hungry Kardashians are so you can bet your ass that there will be cameras at the wedding and that the ceremony will most likely be televised on the E channel... So that is why rumor has it, that Jay-Z said , Hell to the No to Kanye.

I can't blame him, I mean come on Kanye, have some class! This is where we clearly see a difference between Yeezus and Jigga and their family values.

Question is now , will this put a damper on their friendship? What are your thoughts?

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