Hello hello!! Happy Thursday Cap Region! You know I love to take it back and rewind with nothing but da goodness of hip hop and r&b, SO, let's take it back shall we?? Kanye is going on his Yeezus tour and one of my fav hip hop groups of all dam time will be joining him for his NYC shows, yup! A Tribe Called Quest!!

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We posted a story yesterday giving you this very exciting news. Just think about it...crazy Kanye and my Tribe boys on 1 stage! That concert is going to be something else to say the least, hoping I can get my big ol butt down to these 2 shows! They'll be joining him at Barclays & MSG!! Hell Yes!

So let us take it back to a Tribe classic, musically and visually - "Check the Rhime!" The year was 1991. This was the first single off their 2nd album "Low End Theory." And as a matter of fact, you know how VH1 always does those "Best of" shows, that I can't get enough of?? Welp, in 2008,"Check the Rhime" was ranked number 30 on their 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop. Congrats fellas!!

Take a look, a listen, and love! Oh, and shouts to our boy DJ SHOW!! He takes it back in time musically every Sunday morning 10a-12p with his show, THE TAPE DECK!! I highly recommend to check the rhime! CHECK IT OUT!! :)

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