Yesterday (Oct. 11), Kanye West unloaded a shocking array of revelations during a nationally televised White House meeting with President Trump. One of them was the password for his iPhone.

Speaking to the controversial president about replacing the Air Force One with a theoretical hydrogen-powered plane, Yeezy looked to his iPhone to show Trump a GIF of the plane's design. In that moment, a camera positioned over Yeezy's shoulder caught the rapper putting his six-digit password into the phone, revealing that Yeezy's iPhone password is simply six consecutive zeroes. It was a moment the internet quickly took note of.

Peeping the scene, one Twitter user uploaded a video of Kanye putting in his iPhone password and wrote, "lmao Kanye's iPhone password is 000000." The tweet was retweeted 76,000 times and favorited 314,000 times.

In another surprising moment from Kanye's widely criticized Trump meeting, 'Ye claimed that racism was nothing but an "invisible wall" meant to control Black people. He also claimed that he was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, which was a diagnosis he originally confirmed with his 'Ye album.

Watch video of Kanye putting in his iPhone password, as well as video of his Trump meeting below. Check out our list of 10 takeaways from Kanye's President Trump meeting when you're done.

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