GOP presidential hopeful James Peppe stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about the 2020 race, potentially debating Donald Trump, and more. Peppe spoke about his dislike for the sitting president, calling him dishonest and embarrassing. Even though he's a Republican candidate, he disagrees with Trump's campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, which has become a huge GOP campaign cornerstone. Peppe also spoke about being from a family of immigrants, saying "everyone should want this country to have diversity."

Peppe addressed the belief that Republicans don't care about average Americans and only care about supporting big business. "This is's why I want to change the narrative of the political party," Peppe explained. He also said the biggest misconceptions about Republicans right now is their beliefs about race and going green. Peppe's plan for fixing race relations in America is by starting "with education."

While Peppe says he is "okay" with reparations for descendants of slavery in America, he doesn't believe the answer is giving out cash. According to Peppe, while some politicians may promise cash there is no way for them to actually fulfill that promise. Peppe says education is the answer and it can bring people out of "despair."

Peppe believes he can beat President Trump by a landslide in the upcoming election. "We've reached a tipping point," he says. If he could tell the president one thing, it would be: "come debate me. stop being chicken." Peppe believes he would "knock his a** out" on the debate stage.

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