BlocBoy JB is apparently  a President Trump fan.

On Friday (March 20), the Memphis rapper opened up about his feelings toward No. 45 on Twitter. "I’m Starting To Like Trump No Cap. Dude Ass To Gangsta," BlocBoy posted.

He even doubled down on Instagram saying he would have voted for the controversial Commander in Chief if he had the opportunity. Posting a photo of his Tweet, he added the caption, "Trump Might Would’ve Got My Vote If I Wasn’t A Felon😂😂."

It is unclear what "gangsta" act has the former XXL Freshman on the Trump hype train. He might be referring to Trump's recent verbal undressing of reporter Peter Alexander for simply asking the president about Americans' fears of the coronavirus during an interview on Friday.

BlocBoy got mixed reviews for his statement on social media. Some agreed.

"I ain’t gonna lie, same here. Mans lowkey growing on me as a president," someone commented on Twitter.

Others were not willing to go along with the rapper's assessment.

"You definitely dont respect a man who can disrespect the media trying to get accurate information during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC that he ignored because of his arrogance in January, then refused the test from China that were ready to go to make his own that didn't work.....lost more time!" another person commented on Instagram. "Let's not allow the gross actions of the leader of the free world make him seem relatable. He is a coward and being reactionary shows how cowardly he is. REACTIONARY is very different from being PROACTIVE."

BlocBoy is working on a new project and recently released the track, "Silly Watch Freestyle."

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