Much like his estranged wife Cardi B, Offset is not feeling how President Trump is handling the government shutdown. Speaking with Esquire in an interview published Tuesday (Jan. 22), 'Set briefly offered his thoughts on the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, and during the convo he calls out Trump.

“Seeing people talk about how they can't pay their bills but they have to work. That's some slave shit," Offset said. "I don't really get into it politics because I'm usually on the other side of it. There’s Black mothers with jobs, and now you take their jobs away. And then the president, I don't really want to speak on him, but he's rich. Make a nigga respect you, because a nigga don't respect you. He's rich and has these folks struggling."

Elsewhere in the interview, Offset speaks on what he feels is the general state of the U.S. “We’re going through a fucked up time,” Offset says in the piece. “Both sides. Black and the White. You know why? The government shutdown. Black people aren’t working, White folks aren’t working. It's everybody.”

Later on, the Georgia rapper, who's set to drop his debut solo album soon, explains that America should not be going through a crisis like the one it's in now. After saying that he's not one to be political, baby Kulture's father reveals how he really feels about President Trump's way of handling the shutdown, and claims that making federal employees work for free is some "slave shit."

Read Offset's full thoughts on the government shutdown here.

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