Kanye West has been relatively quiet about his upcoming music project. But on Sunday (May 2), the rapper-producer jumped on his Twitter account to inform fans that he has changed the title of his upcoming album.

Yeezy tweeted that he’s changing the name of his album from So Help Me God to SWISH. The 37-year-old creative added that he might change it again so don’t get too comfortable with the title just yet.

As for what the name means, we have no clue and West didn’t provide any explanation for the sudden change.

However, Complex pointed out that West used the word to describe his wife, Kim Kardashian, when he was posting semi-nude photos of her on his timeline back in March.

As far as what we do know about the album, songs like the lullaby “Only One” and the braggadocious “All Day” will most likely appear on the project. During West’s interview with Zane Lowe on his BBC Radio 1 show, West described the album as fun and inventive.

“[I'm] just working hard on it. It’s fun to work hard. We’re being inventive,” he said. “I’ve still got a lot of opinions and perspectives that I think are important and can be inspiring to people. This new album is coming out of a desire to design.”

What do you think of Kanye West’s new album title? Is it a hit or a miss? Tell us in the comments below.

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