Kanye West may be in the midst of recording his newest album, but that doesn't mean he's too busy to take a little international vacation with his wifey Kim Kardashian. Recently, the two were spotted roaming the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

In a picture, which comes courtesy of Team Kanye Daily, we see Yeezy and Kim rocking all black as they take a stroll down a Tokyo street. 'Ye looks pretty intrigued with whatever he's looking at and Kim looks like she's just noticed what Kanye's pointed out. No blond hair in sight.

In one of Kim's recent Snapchat stories, we see Kanye sitting down in what appears to be a classic Tokyo-based home. Naturally, Yeezy's playing around with a camera as Kim shoots her video. In another clip, we once again see Kanye and Kim walking around Tokyo, and looking pretty entertained the whole way through.

As we said before, Kanye's right in the middle of doing some serious work on his new album. How serious? Well, in order to focus, he reportedly worked on some of the new music while staying in the mountains of Wyoming. Seriously, Pusha T even came for a visit.

Considering just how responsible Yeezy is for the hip-hop landscape as we know it today, it's no wonder fans are so eager to see what he's got in store for us all. We'll have to wait to hear Yeezy's new magic for ourselves whenever his new album drops.

For now, peep some of the sights and sounds he and Kim K took in during their visit to Tokyo in the videos below.

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