The Legendary R&B group TLC stopped by The Breakfast Club.  The group talked about their new album which was crowd funded.  T-Boz and Chilli discussed the difference between crowdfunding an album and being signed to a major record label.  Charlamagne begs Chilli to unblock him on twitter. Check out the interview from the R&B legends.

  • Chilli from the group has Charlamagne The God blocked on Twitter and she doesn't know why.
  • Neither T-Boz or Chilli are fans of Charlamagne. Both complained about his constant fat shaming and don't like the way he treats people.
  • They re-recorded the older versions of their songs from the 90's,  so now they own the masters to all of their recordings.
  • They have no idea why former manager Pebbles attempted to sue them after the TLC biopic claiming they were trying to tell the story from their perspectives.
  • Chilli has a book that is set to drop in September.   The book is set to be a self-help book with examples of overcoming adversity

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