After making headlines earlier today for sharing nude photos of his wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye West decided to throw another grenade at social media. This time it's in the form a visual for his new single, "All Day." Fans may have been anticipating an epic music video -- the rapper premiered a Steve McQueen-directed visual during Paris Fashion Week -- but they may ultimately be in for a bit of a disappointment.

Yeezy has been known for dropping cinematic clips, but being the unpredictable creative that he is, it appears that he has switched up his original game plan. The rapper decided to use footage from his performance at the 2015 BRIT Awards in late February for the official "All Day" video.

He shared his reasoning for opting to go with the live performance music video route on Twitter. "I felt the Brits performance captured the energy of the record," West wrote, before adding he "decided to make it the first official video featuring Theophilus Allan Kingdom and Paul McCartney."

While Sir Paul wasn't present to make the BRIT Awards show, Theophilus London and Allan Kingdom were present for the performance and played shotgun while Yeezy captivated the crowd with sheer presence. West is flanked by a crew of affiliates, including U.K. rapper Skepta, whom the G.O.O.D. Music head honcho gives a priceless shout out. He delivers his lines with the terse focus and tinge of ferocity that we've come to love from him. His wife Kim Kardashian makes an appearance in the video -- albeit while watching from the crowd alongside renowned fashion icon Ralph Lauren.

While the status of Steve McQueen's version of the "All Day" video remains unknown, we're confident it will eventually surface, as most things do in the internet age.

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