Everyone is up in arms about this video. At first glance I agree Dame Dash does sound arrogant and unrealistic, but I see the point he is trying to make. But everyone cant be and doesn't have the opportunities to be a boss. You can't have 100 bosses and 1 worker.

About 15 minutes into the interview, Dash is arguing that Dj Envy doesn't need to have a boss he can be his own. He can have his own station . And it is very realistic but it just takes time and patience and the flip is what's key . Instead of like he said working for the weekend - save that money and build something. Your start doesn't have to be with selling drugs it can be that 9-5 but it's letting that 9-5 get you to your own establishment not letting your 9-5 be your career. He's saying everyone has a chance to be a boss but there will always be a worker because everyone has to start somewhere but that worker can eventually be someone giving someone else a opportunity.