Wow, um, I just watched the latest music video from JT, and well, it definitely woke my azz up!!! Have you seen it yet? Ladies, especially?? Cold shower, hello!

Ok, I'll calm down and chill out. And it's probably because I have a super man crush on JT that just keeps on growing. But I can't help it, NOW we have his latest Timbaland-produced track, "TKO," finally transformed into a music video, and well, job well done to all!!


Music videos have made a comeback if you ask me. MTV really lost out when they stopped playing music videos, ya know, the main reason the tv station was born and blasted off in 1981 in the first place? To give us music videos? Another story, for another day.

Enough of my jibber jabbering already, wait, one more thing! The lady in this quick music flick is Elvis' granddaughter!!! True story.

Allow  me to introduce the video for TKO - JT and Jay-Z baby!! Strap on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!!