Juelz Santana what are you doing ?!?!? Juelz Santana tried to flee from the Newark Airport on Friday after TSA security found a gun in his carry-on. Juelz was just trying to catch a flight, and not a case. When TSA found the weapon and when he realized it, he ran.

He’s been finally came to his senses and turned him self in at 1:00 AM Monday by Port Authority Newark Airport police. Juelz is now being booked for unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. Juelz Santana has been off the main stream scene for a while now, but what was he thinking?

He probably, didn't pack that bag and who ever did pack the bag is responsible for all the legal problems, that he will face as a result of this mistake. To make matters worse to run from the scene and leave all your personal belongings made no sense. Where did he think he was going to escape to ?

Good luck, homie.

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