Joey Bada$$ hates major record labels and he wants the world to know.

The Brooklyn rapper blasted the big guys -- labels like Universal, Sony and Interscope fall in that category -- on Twitter today. "i dont think im ever signing to a major. they can reimburse this d--- in they throat," he wrote.

No word what caused the angry tweet but perhaps Joey was asked about his signing status, which could have sparked the written outburst. Earlier this summer, he told the Village Voice that he would only sign with a major for $3 million so he could get his "mom out the hood." Rumor has it that several record labels have been courting the 18-year-old and he even took a meeting with Jay Z at Roc Nation.

The past 12 months have found the Pro Era leader in both good and bad situations. He released his 'Summer Knights' EP in July and was named Creative Director of Ecko Clothing. On the touring tip, Joey hit the road as part of the Smokers Club tour alongside Ab-Soul. On one of the stops, he was actually taken into police custody with the T.D.E. member. “They don’t even know why we’re handcuffed right now," Joey exclaims during footage of the arrest. The arrest was rumored to be marijuana-related, however.

Expect to hear more from Joey Bada$$ in 2014. His 'B4.Da.$$' album is slated for a 2014 release.