Rapper Joe Budden is known for cracking jokes on social media. But his latest joke has landed him in hot water with his Twitter followers.

Fateh Singh posted a photo (spotted by
HuffPost) that appeared on Budden’s Instagram account of a Sikh man going through airport security. "Not on my watch Homeboy!" read the picture’s caption.

For Sikhs, who wear turbans and beards as part of their religion, they are often misidentified as Muslim. Add a mix of Islamophobia and ignorance and it creates unwarranted bigotry and hatred.

Many fans were upset over Budden’s photo and they expressed their outrage on Twitter.

"F--- u @JoeBudden your a clown ...u just lost a follower and my respect," wrote one follower, while another tweeted, "[Joe Budden] fails to understand that "stereotypical terrorist" jokes have gotten innocent sikhs killed, post 9/11, purely off of ignorance."

However, one Twitter user, Jaskaran Dhanoa tweeted Budden directly and the two had a meaningful dialogue about the photo and how demeaning it is to Sikhs in general.

The Slaughterhouse rapper did take down the photo from his Instagram account. On Saturday (March 29), Budden tweeted an apology to those who were offended by his Instagram post.

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