A drive through Miami Beach turned into a big hassle for Jermaine Dupri thanks to some inquisitive cops and the smell of marijuana early this morning.

A member of Dupri's entourage nearly went to jail over a Xanax pill, according to TMZ.

The So So Def Records founder was riding in a Lincoln at approximately 3:24AM on Friday (Dec. 27) when police officers stopped the vehicle because of extra tinted windows. The traffic stop turned into a drug search when the authorities sensed a strong marijuana odor coming from the car.

Five police officers and K-9 dogs arrived to search the car for contraband but found nothing but a Xanax pill on popular Miami DJ Mr. Mauricio. The officers then became suspicious he was illegally possessing the drug, so another member of the posse traveled to Mauricio's home to recover a valid prescription.

He returned with the documentation and at least one member of the entourage avoided a night in jail, while Dupri went home with a story for TMZ. Both Dupri and Mauricio poked fun at the situation through their various social media accounts.