Former Murder Inc. rapper Ja Rule was released from a two-year prison sentence in May. While doing interviews around the country he hasn’t shied away from questions regarding prison life. He said that he watched a lot of Knicks games and made several friends while in the clink, and, apparently, he ate pretty well too.

He talked about the cuisine in a recent interview with TMZ. It seems Ja wasn’t too crazy about the idea of eating what was on the daily menu. He elected, instead, to do most of his own cooking.

“I didn’t go to the chow hall too much. We usually just cooked in our dorm. That’s when we made it, it was pretty decent.”

“We made lasagna, we made cheesecakes.” I’ve seen enough episodes of “Locked Up” to know prisoners are pretty good at crafting stoves out of everyday items, but that’s still pretty damn impressive.

Ja talks more about prison life on a new record called, “Fresh Out Da Pen.” He’s also been working with his long-time collaborator, Ashanti in the studio. We wish Ja Rule, who’s now drug-free, by the way, the best of luck!