We live in a complicated time and with uncertainty in our future the time for delicious fast food chicken is now.

I think we here in the Capital Region have been patient. I think we've been more than welcoming to chain and franchise restaurants over the years. Yet it still seems to take a very long time for the Capital of New York to get some of these larger chain fast food places.

Fomo is Real

We have to sit back and watch our friends in New York City, Central and Western New York enjoy these delicious places.

Finally we are able to enjoy Chick-fil-A without having to go through airport security here in Albany. Just a few short years ago we had Sonic locations finally open up and Popeye's seemed to be expanding their reach in Upstate New York.

Now is the time for Raising Cane's to do the same.

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Right now we would have to drive over 100 miles from the Capital Region to get to the nearest Raising Cane's location.

attachment-Raising Canes

Anyone who has been to one of their establishments will tell you that is way too far. That sauce is unbeatable when it comes to flavor and it is time that we here in the Capital Region get to experience it for ourselves.

Strike while the iron is hot

I don't think there is a better time for Raising Cane's to come into the area. In fact, there will be an amazing spot opening up in Downtown Albany and it is close to multiple highways.

The Central Warehouse location would be perfect!

Google Maps
Google Maps

It is near the thruway, 787, and I-90. People from downtown would have easy access, and in the summers during Alive at Five it is close to Jennings Landing. This is a win in my book and I would have to think the executives at Raising Cane's would say the same.

The time is now, Cane's. Big Albany the sauce.

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