Among the stiff competition when it comes to the best diners in New York, one Upstate eatery is getting some serious love!

Does anything beat a great omelet, breakfast sandwich, or maybe a cheeseburger at your favorite diner? There isn't anything more delicious or hunger-satisfying than a great, greasy meal!

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Just here in the Capital Region, it is nearly impossible to choose the best local diners. We have so many great spots for local comfort food!

Imagine casting a net state wide to find the best of the best! That's where it gets really difficult, especially when all the well-known New York City eateries enter the picture. But with all that down-state greasy spoon competition, one Upstate New York spot has earned the title of 'New York's Best Family Diner.'

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Family Minded Names the Best Family Diner In Every State

As it would be impossible for New Yorkers to agree on the state's best diner, the gurus of family life at Family Minded did the homework to determine the best diner in each state for "...casual atmosphere, great prices, and hearty American cuisine."

And their choice in the state of New York?

Stella's Diner In Syracuse Named Best Family Diner In NY!

Located on Wolf Street in Syracuse, Stella's Diner is a local legend that delivers a greasy spoon menu at the highest level. Here is what Family Minded had to say about the menu at Stella's:

 The most noteworthy aspect of Stella’s menu is the sheer size of the dishes. They’re all massive, and the menu is as varied as it is delicious. Choose from one of 15 omelet options, try a breakfast sandwich, or wait until lunch and order the new pizza burger — yes, you read that right.


Throw in a Betty Boop theme, and you have the ultimate classic diner atmosphere with a stellar menu.

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