"Albert" the Alligator

Officials from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation removed an 11-foot, 750-pound pet alligator from a man's home in Upstate New York this week after learning that he was illegally harboring the giant reptile.

According to sources, the NYS DEC seized the 750-pound gator from the unnamed man's home on Wednesday morning on Marie Drive in Hamburg, NY.

"Albert's owner had built an extension to his house, which included a large pool where the alligator lived." - WIBV News 


He Kept Gator in an Add-On to the House

Sources allege that the man who owned the home built an extension on his house, including a large pool for the gator to live.

Incredibly, sources state that the gator, named "Albert", was in his home near Buffalo for 30 years, where they alleged that its owner allowed "members of the public to get in the water and pet the unsecured alligator."

Albert's Health On the Decline

Unfortunately, the 30-year-old reptile's health was declining.  When he was removed from the home, wildlife experts determined that Albert was blind and had spinal issues. According to the DEC, while the owner had legally obtained the 11-foot gator, his permit for the wild animal had expired in 2021.

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The SPCA takes Albert, an 11-foot alligator, from a home in Upstate New York. Some residents are miffed, alleging that the 750-pound reptile was in good hands with its owner. Photo: Screengrab from Facebook

Local Residents Say Albert's Removal was a Crock

A Facebook post by a woman named Laura Latner shows the SPCA removing the gator (see video below) from the home much to the dismay of area residents who suggested that the seizure was a crock and that Albert was in great hands living in this man's home.

A comment from a woman named Nadine Kaczmarski states:
I am absolutely heartbroken! I used to clean this man's house. My husband helped build (the)inside of Albert's atrium. It was top-of-the-line, a proper environment for Albert to live in. Albert is never a threat. He is affectionate like a dog. He used to be used for educational purposes. He will not survive with other gators.
Albert needs to be returned to his HOME!

Another from Joelle Janish reads:
This is hard to watch. He loves Albert. He has always been well taken care of. Everyone who has pictures needs to gather them and get on the news and show what a nice environment he was living in.

Despite the public outcry, according to sources, Albert was turned over to a licensed caretaker, who will take care of him until a more permanent solution can be found.

Absolutely HORRIBLE that gov't can just come and take someone's beloved pet. And how they treated him by not securing him in the van was UNCONSCIONABLE...
I'm beyond disgusted. -Laura Lautner, Facebook 




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