There is a mysterious building in lower Manhattan that has caused much conversation and speculation over the years. This windowless skyscraper that has been referred to as Project X and Titanpointe.

What actually goes on inside? Who owns the building? Why doesn't it have any windows?

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Most buildings, with the exception of a barn or warehouse type of structure, have windows. There is one windowless building in New York City in particular that is so unusual that it's presence prompted Tom Hanks to Tweet about it a few years ago.

According to the Half As Interesting YouTube Channel, this windowless building known as the "long lines building" or "33 Thomas Street" is a highly classified government secret which was built by AT&T in the late 60's/early 70's.

Speculation is that the contents of 33 Thomas Street are machines that keep our phones operational. It is said this structure was built to withstand a nuclear blast. One way to accomplish that would be to have no windows.

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Further speculation indicates that this is more than a place to keep our phones operating. Some are convinced that the National Security Administration (NSA) occupy space at 33 Thomas Street and refer to this location as "Titanpointe".

Is this where the NSA taps into your phone calls, browsing history and documents downloaded or is this simply a building designed to keep our phone networks up and running? Will we ever know for sure?

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