New York's 'Move Over Law' is nothing new. According to press release from the office of Governor Hochul, the law first became effective in 2010. The objective is to prevent collisions with emergency vehicles that are stopped on the roadway.

Over the years the move over law has expanded more than once to also cover hazard vehicles, highway worker vehicles, and tow trucks. As of Wednesday March 27, 2024 the law will expand once again.

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Governor Kathy Hochul reminds drivers that New York’s Move Over Law will soon be expanded to include all vehicles which will improve highway safety for everyone. Starting March 27, 2024, drivers will be required to take precautions, including slowing down and moving over, to avoid a crash with all vehicles stopped along the roadway.

The safety of all New Yorkers is my top priority, especially those pulled over to the side of the road. If you see that you are approaching a disabled vehicle, slow down and move over as best you can to give them some space. - Governor Hochul

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Under the law, when a driver is approaching a vehicle stopped along either shoulder of the road, they should:

  • change into a lane not immediately adjacent to the vehicle, or
  • slow down to a reasonable speed if unable to safely make a lane change
  • violations of this law are punishable as a moving violation

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