Your first concert experience can predict your love of music and life.

While we may not remember our first steps or first words we all remember our first concert experience. Whether it was good or bad it will stick with you forever. I do think most people have a great first concert experience and some Capital Region residents shared some of their first memories with me. They did not disappoint.

For me, my actual first concert was probably the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out Of Our Shells tour. If you don't remember what that was because you weren't a child in the 80s and 90s - it was when the Ninja Turtles put on a rock concert.

If that doesn't truly count at a first concert experience, my actual first concert was 1997 at the Star Light Music Theater for Weird Al. Now that was one absolutely amazing concert to attend.

First real deal rock show for me was Def Leppard in 2002 at the then Pepsi Arena in Downtown Albany.

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Your first concert is full of so many amazing memories and some of you were kind enough to share yours with me via Facebook.

Some highlights from that post

Rick Springfield and Corey Hart, SPAC 1984. Corey Hart came down into the crowd during Sunglasses at Night. Been loving live shows ever since, but you never forget your first. - Heather

Foreigner and Joe Walsh at the Olympics Arena in Lake Placid. Must've been '85 or '86. Foreigner were killing it on the "Agent Provocateur" tour. Joe was the opener supporting his new album, "The Confessor". I loved it because it was my first real, rock concert... unless you count my mom being pregnant with me at Woodstock. - Josh

Lollapalooza 96 with Soundgarden, Metallica, The Ramones, and Rancid in Pownal, Vermont. One hell of a show. - Gary

Summer Rock at Roosevelt Raceway 1974, in the heart of the gas crisis - i ran out of gas at 2am on my way back home from LI - Pat

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