A New York Jet was spotted at Albany International Airport on Monday morning.

To answer your next question: no, it was not Zach Wilson catching a flight from New York to his new team's city after being traded by the Jets. And no, it wasn't a player, coach or staff member of the Jets either, current or former.

I meant what I said above: a real, full-sized New York Jet was spotted in the Capital Region on Monday.

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More specifically, JetBlue's I <3 NY Airbus A320 was spotted at Albany International Airport on Monday morning. The Airbus was painted green, and sported a massive New York Jets' logo along the middle.

Take a look:

The "I Love NY" plane was introduced by JetBlue, in partnership with Empire State Development, in 2011. JetBlue, meanwhile, has been the Official Airline of the New York Jets since 2009, according to their website. They also provide airline services to franchises like the Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox.

The "I Love NY" jet has appeared at Albany International Airport before, though it hasn't always landed in the best conditions. Check out this video from YouTube, showing the plane landing in the Capital Region on a very windy day:

A quick moment of appreciation for the caption used on the Facebook post. It read:

“Ladies and gentlemen, next stop Super Bowl 2025. Yes, no, maybe?” - Albany International Airport Facebook page

If you want to grab the attention of New York Jets' fans, mention them and the Super Bowl in the same sentence. You'll create a debate in your comment section that will last for days, if not weeks.

Well played, Albany International. Very well played.

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