Offcials say in New York state say a South American man is accused of using a fake license plate on his vehicle. Deputies say the man was arrested in the Albany area Wednesday.

While this may not initially sound like the worst crime on paper, punishments for driving with falsified plates in New York are "surprisingly stern", according to one law firm.

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New York Trial Attorneys website says that "creation of fake plates or possessing the machines to make them is a class E felony and the maximum penalty is 4 years in prison and a fine of up to $5000 dollars."

Suspect Arrested and Charged With Fake Plate in Capitol Region 

WNYT reports that a 30-year-old Venezuelan man has been charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument. The Albany County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect was stopped Wednesday afternoon.

Offcials say the man "illegally purchased the fake temporary license plates and attached them to his vehicle.".

Law enforcement is always on the lookout for fake plates, tags, or registration. Back in October 2023, New York State Police says they arrested a 51-year-old Rochester man for using fake temporary plates.

State Police said that a trooper observed the suspect's vehicle committing a traffic infraction while on Interstate 81, in the city of Cortland.

What the trooper said they found was the vehicle in question had a temporary paper license plate from Indiana, which upon further investigation, revealed that the paper license plate was fake.

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