I'm the captain now! Well, not really.

Police say a man stole a fireboat that was docked on the Hudson River early Thursday morning. This alleged pirate would not get very far, though. But while the man's first alleged attempt at naval theft proved unsuccessful, officials say he was back at it again only a short time later.

How far would he go the second time around?

Boat Theft Statistics 

According to five years of analysis from Boat US, 75% percent of stolen boats are less than 26 feet, with the month of September being the busiest time of year for thefts. Many stolen craft are never recovered.

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Boat US goes on to say that boats are often "stolen, stripped of everything valuable, and left in a vacant lot or by the side of a lonely road". Many times the engines, electronics, and anchors, are taken. and resold to shops and boaters, often through eBay or Craigslist.

While Florida, California, and Texas lead the nation in boat thefts, New York is third for boating accidents, with 174 reported in 2015, according to Property Causality.

Suspected Homeless Man Allegedly Steals Two Boats

ABC NY reports that a man, suspected of being homeless, allegedly stole a decommissioned fireboat docked at Pier 66 in Hudson River Park early Thursday.

Witnesses told CBS News that the 22-year-old suspect untethered the boat, which was docked at 27th Street and 12th Avenue near Hudson Yards, and then set course down the Hudson.

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He would not go far, as ABC says this unwary sailor couldn't get the engine started, as the boat got stuck half a mile south near Pier 64. Police said the minor setback would not deter this longshoreman, as he jumped into the Hudson River swam to shore, and then stole a rental sailboat.

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He didn't get far in that one either, says officials.

Police say the sailboat floated for about a half mile, though the suspect was unable to get the sails up. ABC says that the NYPD Harbor Unit soon tracked him down the Hudson River, where he was later found lying down in the sailboat.

This wannabe Captain Ahab is now facing two counts of grand larceny, says police.

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