There is a big dam problem that is affecting the Mechanicville water supply. I grew up in Mechanicville and have recently moved back. We joke that there is something in the water because many of the residents live well into their 90s and both of my grandmothers were 101 and 103 when they passed. Both life long residents of Mechanicville. Now the water supply is being threatened.

They are cute but they are a huge nuisance

The cute little culprit is the beaver. The beavers build dams in the primary stream that empties into the small reservoir that supplies my hometown with their drinking water. It is very challenging because their dams block the water flow. It is very challenging for the Mechanicville Department of Public Works according to Spectrum News.

What can they do about the pesky beavers?

It is very tricky to get rid of the beavers. They can try to train them into building their dams with piping and screens but that may not work. Some experts suggest trapping them. Their intricate dams are hard to reach. They would have to remove them by hand. It is difficult to get to their dams without heavy equipment. That is mostly impossible because of where the streams are located.

The Beaver is a Protected Animal

In New York State, the beaver is the official mammal. Since the 1970s it has been protected and was once nearly extinct. They have made quite the comeback and are important to creating wetland habitats.

It's not certain what will be done about the dam problem. But hopefully, there is a solution that both protects the beaver and the Mechanicville water supply.

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