It is the biggest Country show of the fall, and you can still buy your tickets. But if you need a reason why to go, here are 43 very convincing ones.

Tickets for Secret Star are still available, and don't forget if you buy them at the venue - no Ticketmaster fees! If you already have tickets to the show - the doors open at 6, the show starts at 7 and there is free parking at Quackenbush Garage. Get info here.

Note: Attendees will be required to wear a mask at this show.

Wait, A Show Where They Do Not Announce Who Is Playing?

I don't think you will ever see a show as unique as one of our GNA Secret Star Acoustic Jams. First and foremost, what kind of concert does not announce the lineup? But, that is such a huge part of the fun  - seeing those 4 Country stars reveal themselves on stage. If you have been to a Secret Star, you know some of Country's brightest stars have graced the stage.

A Truly Unique Concert Experience

Another big allure of Secret Star is the fact that all 4 stars are on stage at the same time, trading songs and stories in an acoustic format. Imagine sitting around a bonfire with your favorite Country artists passing the guitar around. That is the Secret Star in a nutshell, and show format that will never forget.

The Main 43 Reasons To Come To Secret Star

Now I think the reasons above are two compelling reasons to buy your tickets right now for tomorrow night's show. But, believe it or not, there are 43 way more compelling reasons to grab those tickets: the list of all 43 amazing Country artists below who have played across our 14 previous Secret Star concerts. Need convincing? These 43 should do it for ya!

The 43 Country Artists Who Have Played Secret Star

GNA's Secret Star Acoustic Jam concerts started back in 2014, and over the years an impressive list of Country stars have performed on the Secret Star stage. Check them all out!

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