Tomorrow night, Adam Sandler (“The Cosby Show,” Spanglish, Bedtime Stories) will take the stage at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York after a two-year delay.

Sandler was originally set to bring his tour to Turning Stone and then Buffalo on March 15 and April 25, 2020. History scholars will note that those days were a terrible time to try and host numerous large gatherings of people.

Ticket prices started at $59, but, like the original canceled performance, seats sold out quickly. If you’re just finding out about the show right now and you’re thinking about making the drive and calling out on Wednesday, you’re going to have to go through the scalpers.

So How Much Will You Have to Shell Out for the Sand-man?

You’re going to have it easier going solo – I found some individual tickets on StubHub at less than double the original price.

The cheapest resale seats for Adam Sandler's Turning Stone show on October 25th I found.

If you need two seats together, the price goes up dramatically. StubHub had two floor seats at $630 apiece.

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The cheapest resale pair seats for Adam Sandler's Turning Stone show on October 25th I found.

Maybe you’re a HUGE Sandler fan – you memorized all his lines from The Waterboy, have a replica uncut gem, and you burned a hole clean through your DVD copy of Happy Gilmore. For you, you must be in the front row. I hope you’re willing to pay, because SeatGeek will take care of you.

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Front row seats for Adam Sandler's show at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY

The front row package includes “premium floor seating in the front row, and one special VIP merch bundle created exclusively for package purchasers.” If you’re willing to sit in one of the first five rows, seats are only $2,880 apiece. By the way, the cheapest price I found for four seats together? $1,231. Each.

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The most expensive ticket I found is cartoonishly evil. It's a single ticket in the second to last row of the upper level to immediate stage right. An awful, awful view if there eve was one. Care to guess how much?

The most expensive Adam Sandler ticket I found.

Outliers excepted, these prices are fairly tame on the scale of 2022 shows. Compare it to the Bruce Springsteen controversy. Fans are understandably angry over the $775 floor seats for his 2023 tour with the E-Street Band. Also, Sandler is also bringing an unannounced special guest, and that honestly could be anyone.

Sandler also has show at Belmont Park and Atlantic City, NJ on Thursday and Friday.

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