So, what's going on with the Crossgates Best Buy?  Anyone?

I haven't driven by Crossgates yet to check it out.  I initially read a headline by the Times Union made it dramatically sound like Best Buy is closed for good.  And look, who knows- with all the events of 2020 and economic circumstances- it very well may happen eventually (as much as I hate to say that about any store).   But, from what I've gathered so far, it's just that the Best Buy suddenly closed from Thursday through Sunday.  The closure is reported to be due to circumstances beyond their control.

So, that can mean a lot of things.  This year, it seems like anything goes.  Plus any unexpected closure can leave people feeling wary.  But, scrolling through the Crossgates Best Buy website, it looks like there are open hours listed starting again on Monday.  So I'm asking you, any idea what's going on with the Crossgates Best Buy?  Or, any guesses?



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