Padge-Victoria Windslowe aka "Black Madam," when she took the stand for the second day of testimony. Yesterday, Black Madam, who's on trial for murdering a British dancer in 2011 after illegal buttock enhancement surgery at a pumping party, told the jury she performed this illegal and deadly operations because she wanted to help people.

Philadelphia Police Dept

I trusted people, people trusted me," Padge-Victoria Windslowe, 45, of suburban Philadelphia, said when she took the stand last week in her own defense. "I had even risen up to where celebrities were coming to get (buttocks enhancement) done, and they had the money to go anywhere."

Windslowe, who claims to have done silicone injections on model Amber Rose and unnamed "VH1 girls," was set for more cross-examination Monday when she was taken from the courthouse complaining of chest pains. She was admitted to a hospital overnight, a prison official said, and her murder trial put on hold until at least Wednesday.

This woman claims she was out to help people by injecting them with butt shots ? How ? Well Amber Rose's "career" has taken off since this woman claims she did her work I don't know how true this is, but why didn't she help the girl who died after her injections ?