ESPN suspends journalist Jemele Hill for her tweets regarding NFL protest

John Skipper President of ESPN and Bob Iger president of Disney receives Donkey of the day for Suspending Jemele Hill for her tweets responding to Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones for his comments on his players protesting. Jemele has been very vocal about the protesting of NFL players and our 'Commander in Tweets'. The first amendment states that we are all entitled to a freedom of speech, press and the right to peacefully assemble, but clearly that does not apply in this situation.

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President Skipper and President Iger employ Jemele for her opinions, which wasn’t stated on any of their networks by the way, but felt the need to suspend her two weeks because of those opinionated tweets. It seems to me that money talks and when the Commander in Tweets and the boss man Jerry Jones are being attacked the situation must be dealt with accordingly. Both Presidents deserved donkey of the day for suspending Jemele but also for missing the message of why she tweeted what she did. Do you think Jemele deserved to be suspended? Lets us know.

Check out her tweet here

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