A husband is in custody after he walked into the Colonie beauty salon where his wife worked Thursday afternoon and started stabbing her.  The police haven't released the suspect or the victim's name yet.

The Colonie police released the following statement Thursday night:

"During the attack, the salon was full of patrons and employees. They made efforts to summon help and stop the attack and they were also able to get the attention of two male passerbys, who both stopped and were able to stop the attack, disarm the suspect, detain him until police arrived and render medical aid to the victim. All of their efforts prevented this from being a more serious or fatal attack and they have our utmost respect and gratitude for their heroic actions."

We have to ask several critical questions about this event. What would prompt a husband, to go to a salon and try to kill his wife?  Also, why haven't they released his name yet?  He sounds like a danger to society.  If he would allegedly stab his wife in front of a crowd full of strangers imagine what he would do to someone he didn't know.

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