In today's #BLANKSTARENEWS, meet Desmond Brownlee. He apparently really loves chicken or really hates his wife. Desmond was arrested for a domestic dispute with his wife over fried chicken.

According to Complex magazine:

45-year-old Desmond Brownlee got into a dispute with his wife, 40-year-old Shay Alamo, at their Deltona, Fla. home because there wasn't enough remaining fried chicken. According to the Smoking Gun, Alamo says Brownlee pushed her onto their bed and began striking her in the face and choking her until she struggled to breathe.

Of course this happened in Florida, and this woman must make great fried chicken. There has to be a back story to this or maybe he was trying to choke the chicken ? Get it lol.  This was a stupid reason to go to prison but these are the type of stories that happen in Florida.