I was taking a look at some of my old post and ran across this post I made in 2016 about how the Urban Dictionary’s definition of Albany needed to be updated because as someone who lives here I had no idea about what they were talking about in the definition back in 2016.

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Well someone took note of what I said and updated the definition of what Albany means to them in 2018 here is what the new definition of Albany is that was posted in 2018.

Urban Definition
Urban Definition

While this is a better definition of Albany in the current pandemic condition of New York State times have shifted around the state of New York. I feel like the whole state is boring and there is nothing to do because of all the restrictions. I put the question out there this afternoon and most of the people had an overall negative definition of Albany.

“Albany is behind and limited in the growth of the citizens. A highly state-driven conservative area and COVID-19 made it worse. Albany is a place that they try to implement the arts but it never really pops. Most of the people that come here its for a job or to go to school. There is no nightlife here at all unless. Albany is a wanna-be metropolis with a nice skyline and one day I want to be free of this place.”

“Albany is the boring state capital of New York, aka Cuomo’s home. Albany pretty much is like a boiled chicken with no seasoning just no flavor at all. There are some okay people here but the weather sucks in the winter and you get about 3 months of decent weather. I wouldn’t advise anyone to move here.”

“Albany is a place to go to school and leave, most of the people that end up living here stay here for financial reasons. It's kind of like people that stay in relationships because it is cheaper to keep her than getting a divorce. If it wasn’t for the cost of living most people wouldn’t live here. Albany is a stepping stone that traps a lot of SUNY students.”

Some of these definitions are hilarious but what can be done to improve the definition of Albany? Nightlife is on hold around the state due to COVID-19 so the complaints about nightlife aren’t valid everyone is going through the same thing across the state. The weather is beyond our control. Not being a native of Albany I feel like some of the complaints are valid but Albany also has a lot of outdoors and nature-driven things to do that weren't affected by COVID-19.

You have to open up your mind to find fun things to do here and Albany is a great place to raise small children. How would you define Albany and what can be done to make the definition of Albany great again?

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