So yall may have heard a rumor that I, Linda Love, have been shouting out all the HOT guys of the cap region! Well I gotta give us ladies some eye candy! I got ya back single ladies!

So the criteria of the Fb HOTtie is quite simple. Be HOT, be a guy & most importantly, you have to "like" the HOT 99.1 Facebook page!  Those simple three steps can give you boys bragging rights of being the nightly Facebook HOTtie on HOT 99.1!

Hey with all the fine men in the capital region rep'n the 518, it's only right we showcase them for all the single (& maybe not so single ladies too to see! LOL) After all, you see with ya eyes not with ya hands right?!

Do those 3 simple steps & tune into HOT 99.1 @ 9:40pm weeknights with Linda Love for a Facebook HOTtie shoutout!