Money makes the world go round but how much money would it take to change your life? I would think most people would say 1 Million Dollars, some might stay 100,000? Well apparently it's a whole lot less,

According to NY Post, the average American says the amount of money they'd call life-changing is just $19,800. I'm really shocked that people are this practical.

The top five things people say they'd do if they DID get a random 20 grand is

  1. Put it into savings
  2. Pay off medical bills
  3. Pay off debt
  4. Start a business
  5. Put it into their retirement account.

They must have not interviewed any of the people that buy and wear designer clothes.
They could run through 20'000 with just a couple of outfits. What would you do with an extra 20,000 and do you really think it would be life changing?

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